About The Butterfly Leadership Program

Who started the Butterfly Leadership Program?

The Butterfly Leadership Program is an initiative of Jennifer Browdy, Ph.D., a longtime educator and founder of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, a non-profit dedicated to nourishing the voices and visions of women of all ages, and cultivating women’s creative leadership potential.  Jennifer partnered with her former student, spoken word poet Grace Rossman, to offer the pilot week-long program, launched successfully at The Mount in the summer of 2015.

What are the goals of the Butterfly Leadership Program?

Through our unique writing-intensive approach, the Butterfly Leadership Program aims to nurture girls through the transformative teen years and encourage them to take their own leadership potential seriously. The Butterfly Leadership Circles are designed to:

  • build a caring, respectful community among girls who might not otherwise get to know one another (drawing from different schools and towns in Berkshire County and beyond);
  • use writing as a means of self-discovery as well as self-expression, teaching girls how to communicate their ideas most effectively;
  • teach and model ways of thoughtfully, respectfully discussing different kinds of topics, from leadership to relationships to social issues;
  • develop girls’ self-confidence in speaking up and speaking out on issues they care about;
  • teach and model collaboration and teamwork as key to successful leadership in any field.

Bring the Butterfly Leadership Program to Your School or Organization!

Jennifer and Grace are happy to offer our signature writing-intensive workshops ranging from 90 minutes to two hours in length, as a one-off session or part of a series, at schools, libraries or youth organizations. Sample workshop topics are below; all programs can be customized to best fit your needs. 

What does it take to be a woman leader today? Qualities, challenges and strategies for effective leadership
Developing and maintaining healthy relationships—with oneself and others
Staying Centered in a Spinning World—dealing with the stresses and distractions of modern teen life
 Discovering and Cultivating Passion and Purpose on the Issues that Matter Most
 Stepping into Leadership: challenges and opportunities for today’s teen girls, tomorrow’s women leaders

Contact us for more information at info@butterflyleadership.org.

Program costs

Sample prices:

  • One school period length session (45 – 50 minutes) – $150
  • One 90-minute session – $300
  • 2-hour after-school session – $400
  • Weekly 2-hour after-school sessions – $1200 per series of 4 sessions
  • Four-hour workshops or weeklong Leadership Intensive Programs; prices available on request.

Special group rates available; please inquire!

Also available: trainings for teachers and youth leaders

We run “train the trainers” sessions by invitation; email us for more information: info@butterflyleadership.org.