Love the Change

What does participation in The Butterfly Leadership Program accomplish?

The name of our leadership program comes from the butterfly’s ability to entirely transform itself from earthbound caterpillar to winged beauty; and the scientific principle that “the wind from a butterfly’s wings can be felt around the world.”

As teenagers, the participants in our leadership circles are already undergoing the necessary transformation from child to adult; our program encourages them to become more intentional about their own goals; to develop confidence in their ability to take on leadership roles in a variety of contexts; and to understand that what they do matters—every decision they make, every action they take, has the potential to make a real difference in the world.

The heart of the Butterfly Leadership Program is the transformation from a person who passively accepts what is to a creative leader who works to envision and manifest what could be.


Testimonials from participants


Did you feel like participating in The Butterfly Effect made a difference for you?

“Yes. Seeing that the challenges I face and the problems I have are shared by everyone has helped me feel more confident. Understanding that what I am going through is normal makes me feel more comfortable sharing my work. I didn’t think I would get to this point, but I do feel comfortable sharing.”

“The Butterfly Leadership Program has made a really big difference for me because I feel like I’ve progressed in writing, becoming a better role model/leader, and becoming more confident in public speaking.”

“I most definitely think that this program has made a huge difference for me. I loved working with other girls who felt the same way as me and teachers who knew how to overcome my fears and help me ease out of my comfort zone.”

“I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this. I was feeling as though maybe I was losing my creativity or I wasn’t a good writer anymore. This helped in more ways than I can explain. I am ready to create again.”


What did you like about the Butterfly Effect? What activities and exercise did you particularly enjoy?

“I liked that the Butterfly Effect brought us all together in our journey of finding our strength.”

“What I liked about the Butterfly Effect was that I didn’t feel restricted. I also loved the way the teachers approached the writing, whether it was a walk in the woods or interviewing a partner.”

“I particularly enjoyed the yoga dance warm-ups and walking on the trails and just enjoying being outside because there’s so much inspiration around us that we don’t see and I think we need that inspiration to help us succeed in anything in life.”

“I liked that the Butterfly program was low-pressure and presented a “safe space” for writing. Sharing writing in school generally sets me on edge but this program’s environment made me feel less worried about doing so.”


In five words or less, how would you sum up your experience taking part in The Butterfly Leadership Program?

Eye-opening, liberating, influential.”

“It was enlightening and fun.”

“The best thing for me.”

“Absolutely amazing.”